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SPED Department Contacts


Adams Elementary + PK Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Addenbrooke Classical Academy Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Addenbrooke Classical Grammar Jeb Brako 303-982-1726 [email protected]
Addenbrooke Classical Secondary Jeb Brako 303-982-1726 [email protected]
Alameda Intl. Jr/Sr Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Arvada K-8 Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Arvada Senior Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Arvada West Senior Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Bear Creek K-8 Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Bear Creek Senior Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Bell Middle Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Belmar Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Bergen Meadow Elem. Pk-2nd Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Bergen Valley Elem. 3rd-5th Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Blue Heron Elementary + PK Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Bradford K-8 North and South Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Brady Exploration Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Campbell Elementary Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Carmody Middle Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Chatfield Senior Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Coal Creek Canyon K-8 Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Collegiate Academy Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Colorow Elementary + PK Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Columbine Hills + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Columbine Senior Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Compass Montessori Golden Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Compass Montessori Wheat Ridge Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Conifer Senior Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Connections Learning Center Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Coronado Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Creighton Middle Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
D'Evelyn Jr/Sr Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Dakota Ridge Senior Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Deane Elementary Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Deer Creek Middle Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Dennison Allison Tayloe 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Devinny Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Doral Academy of Colorado Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Drake Middle Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Dunstan Middle Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Dutch Creek Elementary + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-1591 [email protected]
Edgewater Elementary + PK Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Eiber Elementary + PK Stacey Wells 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Elk Creek Elementary + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-3039 [email protected]
Emory Elementary Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Evergreen Middle Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Evergreen Senior Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Everitt Middle Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Excel Academy Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Fairmount Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Falcon Bluffs Middle Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Fletcher Miller + PK Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Foothills Elementary + PK Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Foster K-8 + PK Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Free Horizon Montessori (District Innovation School) + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Fremont Elementary Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Glennon Heights Elementary Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Golden Senior Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Governor's Ranch Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Great Work Montessori Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Green Gables Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Green Mountain Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Green Mountain Senior Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Hackberry Hill Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Headstart - Jeffco Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Headstart - Lakewood Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Hutchinson Elementary + PK Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Jeffco Virtual Academy Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Jefferson Academy Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Jefferson Academy HS Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Jefferson County Open Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Jefferson Jr/Sr Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
JLRP Elementary Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
JLRP Secondary Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Ken Caryl Middle Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
Kendallvue Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Kendrick Lakes + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Kullerstrand Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Kyffin Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Lakewood Senior Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Lasley Elementary Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Lawrence Elementary + PK Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Leawood Elementary + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Lincoln Academy Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Little Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Long View Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Lukas Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Lumberg Elementary + PK Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Mandalay Middle Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Manning Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Maple Grove Elementary Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Marshdale Elementary Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
McLain Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Meiklejohn Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Mitchell Elementary Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Molholm Elementary + PK Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Montessori Peaks Academy Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Moore Middle Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Mortensen Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Mount Carbon Elementary + PK Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Mount View Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Mountain Phoenix Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Mountain Phoenix Community Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
NETS Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
New America School Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Normandy Elementary + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
North Arvada Middle Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Oberon Middle Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Outdoor Education Schools Multiple
Parmalee Elementary Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Parr Elementary + PK Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Patterson International + PK Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Peak Expeditionary at Pennington + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Peck Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Peiffer Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Pomona Senior Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
POOD Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Powderhorn Elementary Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Pre-Schools Multiple
Prospect Valley Elementary Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Ralston Elementary Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Ralston Valley Senior Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
ReConnect Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Red Rocks Elementary Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Rocky Mountain Deaf Karin Neugebauer 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Rocky Mtn Academy Evergreen Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Rooney Ranch Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Rose Stein International + PK Adena Miller 303-982-1535 [email protected]
Ryan Elementary + PK Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Secrest Elementary + PK Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Semper Elementary + PK Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Shaffer Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Shelton Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Sheridan Green Elementary + PK Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Sierra Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Slater Elementary + PK Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Sobesky Academy Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
South Lakewood Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Standley Lake Senior Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Stevens Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Stober Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Stony Creek + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Stott Elementary + PK Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Summit Ridge Middle Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Swanson Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Thomson Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Three Creeks K-8 Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Transition Sites Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Two Roads Charter School Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]
Ute Meadows Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Van Arsdale Elementary + PK Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Vanderhoof Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Vivian Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Warder Elementary + PK Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Warren Tech Sarah Fournier 303-982-3065 [email protected]
Wayne Carle Middle Sarah Cooksey 303-982-0777 [email protected]
Weber Elementary Kelly Klatt 303-982-6198 [email protected]
Welchester Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
West Jefferson Elementary + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
West Jefferson Middle Sara Brown 303-982-3520 [email protected]
West Woods Elementary Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Westgate Elementary + PK Emily Long 303-982-7458 [email protected]
Westridge Elementary Stacey Wells 303-982-5912 [email protected]
Wheat Ridge Senior Amy Allen 303-982-8829 [email protected]
Wilmore-Davis Elementary + PK Nicole Dallek 303-982-0030 [email protected]
Wilmot Elementary + PK Allison Tayloe 303-982-8170 [email protected]
Witt Elementary + PK Lynea Pearson 303-982-3393 [email protected]
Woodrow Wilson Academy Jeb Brako 303-982-8513 [email protected]

Special Education Community Support Line


Jeb Brako Assistant Director


Jeb Brako PhotoJeb Brako is excited to continue supporting his students, staff and schools in Jeffco in the role of Assistant Director of Special Education. Prior to his current role, he worked as a special education teacher serving secondary aged students in Colorado's rural mountain schools and before that, a 4th grade teacher in Cherry Creek School District. Jeb originally discovered his love for education when he entered the field as a paraeducator in his hometown of Frederick, Maryland. In that role, Jeb developed his guiding philosophy of supporting others so teachers can teach and all students can learn.

Sara Brown Assistant Director


Sara Brown PhotoSara is in her first year with Jeffco Public School. In addition to her school assignments, Sara supports the Affective Needs programs for the district, as well as supporting the district Behavior Analyst team and serving as a CPI liaison. For the last 9 years Sara has worked in Special Education in the Denver Metro Area, serving as a Special Education Math teacher, Affective Needs teacher for students grades 6-12, an Assistant Principal in a Separate School Setting, and a district wide behavioral specialist for students K-12. Sara holds a Bachelors in Psychology from University of Colorado, Denver, and a Masters in Education Leadership and Policy Studies from University of Denver.

Outside of work Sara loves to spend time with her husband, two young sons, and extended family that live close by. Sara loves sports, and spending time with family watching soccer and football!

Sarah Cooksey Assistant Director


Sarah Cooksey PhotoSarah Cooksey is in her second year of service with Jeffco and is currently working with secondary schools in the central and north regions of the district. For the last 16 years, Sarah has worked as a Special Education Teacher in both Denver and Colorado Springs serving populations from kindergarten through high school with a variety of needs. In addition to teaching in the K-12 world, Sarah worked as a research assistant and lecturer in the teacher preparation program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. In this capacity, she worked to understand the educational structures, access, and supports that further outcomes for marginalized populations. Sarah's journey in special education started at the age of nine after her sister suffered a life-altering car accident leaving her physically and cognitively disabled. Sarah has worked to advance outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their families since then. Her passion for equity and inclusion are the cornerstones of her research endeavors and predicate her professional life. When Sarah has free time, she loves to be outside walking and hiking the foothills with her dogs.

Nicole Dallek Assistant Director


Nicole Dallek PhotoNicole is a New York native and has been living in Colorado since 2011. Prior to starting her role as an assistant director, Nicole was a special education teacher for ten years in both Jeffco and Gunnison Watershed School District serving the elementary population. In addition to her role, she serves on the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee (CSEAC) as the Special Education Director representative. Nicole earned her Master's degree in 2013 from Western Colorado University and her Bachelor's degree in 2009 from the University at Buffalo. Most recently, she completed an additional Master's degree from Colorado Northern University in Educational Leadership and Special Education Administration.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys spending time with her husband Andrew and their dogs Baloo and Benny.

Sarah Fournier Assistant Director


Sarah Fournier PhotoSarah is in her second year with Jeffco Schools. She began her career working with teens and adults with mental health and substance use disorders in Massachusetts before transitioning into the field of education. Sarah has over a decade of experience in special education, both as a school social worker and an administrator. Most recently before coming to Jeffco, Sarah led seven separate school programs throughout Colorado for students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs along with two programs for students with Autism Spectrum and related disorders. Sarah holds a Master of Public Health degree from Boston University and a Master of Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys skiing, climbing, hiking and spending time with her husband and their dogs.

Kelly Klatt Assistant Director


Kelly Klatt PhotoOriginally from Minnesota, by way of Nebraska, Kelly Klatt is proud to say she has been a member of Team Jeffco for 18 years. Kelly began her career in Jeffco as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. Prior to working in Jeffco she worked in a Day Treatment facility, was a child-care director, and an in-home ABA provider. This is Kelly's 5th year as Assistant Director of Special Education. Kelly supports preschools and elementary schools in the Arvada, Green Mountain, and Pomona articulation areas. She oversees our Preschool Special Education programming, guiding the district teams on policy and professional development, as well oversees the iReady Accommodation as part of Read Act. This is her 23rd year in Special Education. She is passionate about supporting equity and inclusive practices for all students. Outside of work, Kelly enjoys yoga, reading, participating in 5k races and triathlons, or spending time in the mountains with her husband and their 2 active boys.

Allison Kratzner Assistant Director


Allison Tayloe has been with Jeffco schools for the past six years, and this is her first year as an assistant director. Allison studied at Michigan State University for both her bachelors and master's degrees in special education learning disabilities, and most recently completed the executive leadership program through CU Denver. Over the course of Allison's career, she has served as a learning specialist, new teacher mentor, soccer coach, club sponsor, and advocate for students. Allison is passionate about equity in our education system and providing unique learning opportunities for students on IEPs. Outside of partnering with special education teams, Allison enjoys backpacking, backcountry skiing, home improvement projects, and spending time with her family.

Adena Miller Assistant Director


Adena Miller PhotoAdena Miller, Ph.D., has been committed to equity in education for over two decades. Her experiences range from teaching students in the classroom to coaching educators across the nation. Adena has co-authored special education policies at the Colorado Department of Education prior to conducting research evaluations of policy implementation at McREL International. Her passion for problem-solving the needs of struggling learners; building collaborative partnerships between professionals and families; and studying special education law inspires her work as an Assistant Director of Special Education in Jeffco Public Schools. Adena is driven to inspire, empower, teach, and learn within our community to meet the needs of all learners so that, together, we can improve outcomes for our students.

Karin Neugebauer Assistant Director


Karin Neugebauer PhotoKarin earned her bachelor's from SUNY Binghamton, master's from the University of Pittsburgh, and doctoral degree from CU Boulder. She started her career in education as a high school science teacher at Lexington School for the Deaf in New York City. Karin has served as an educator for over 25 years in a variety of roles, including instructional specialist, instructional coach, university instructor and researcher, dean, and assistant principal. She joined the Jeffco special education team in 2021 in her role as Assistant Director. Equity, collaboration, and high expectations are some of the core values that guide her as a leader. She is committed to supporting educators, students, and families as they work together to make sure all students achieve and graduate from Jeffco prepared for postsecondary success. In addition to supporting a group of schools, Karin supports both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Vision teams.

Stacey Wells Assistant Director


A Colorado native Stacey is proud to say she is was a Jeffco kid and brings her joy to be serving a community she grew up in. Stacey is in her sixth year with Jeffco Schools. She began her career as a prek/kindergarten teacher before transitioning into the field of special education. During her first few years of working in special education Stacey obtained her Master's of Special Education degree from Grand Canyon University. Stacey has a decade of experience in special education supporting students in a separate school settings.

Outside of work, Stacey enjoys fitness, spending time in the mountains, coaching youth basketball and you can always find her cheering on her son at his various sporting event.

Erin Frank Director


Erin Frank PhotoErin is a Colorado native, a second generation Jeffco student and 3rd generation Jeffco professional. She began working in the mental health field in 2002 as a counselor and director in treatment facilities and group homes. She joined Jeffco as a School Psychologist practicum student in the fall of 2005 and continued in the role of school psych supporting students in and out of Affective Needs (AN) programs through 2014 when she shifted into the role of Special Education Coordinator and then Assistant Director. As a Director of Special Education, Erin's core value of supporting students with disabilities to ensure that all students' area afforded the right to an inclusive education is the foundation of her daily work. Erin believes that students rise to high expectations and accomplish amazing things when they have the support of a collaborative team. As a Director, Erin's primary role is to support direct partnerships between student families and the school professionals. Erin encourages all members of an IEP team to enter conversations ready to listen and consider everyone's input with an open mind. She is grateful for each opportunity to grow and learn through interactions with Jeffco teams, students and families.

Jessica Goodkin Director


Jessica Goodkin PhotoJessica has been working in education since 2009, as an educator, instructional coach and administrator. As a Director, Jessica is able to follow her passion of supporting staff, students and their families to ensure success and confidence for all. She is dedicated to instructional excellence for all students. Jessica is proud to be a part of a school district whose vision is to be a thriving district where all students achieve their biggest dreams. When she's not working, you can find Jessica hiking, camping, or snowboarding with her family all over Colorado.

Matt Palaoro Chief Student Success Officer


Matt PalaoroMatt Palaoro is a servant leader who believes relationships, collaboration, and communication are the main ingredients to a healthy school year and our overall success. He listens closely, focuses on the needs of kids, and always acts with integrity. Although Matt is new to being an Executive Director of Special Education, his experience as a Special Education Paraprofessional, Special Education Teacher, Assistive Technology Coordinator, Special Education Coordinator, Assistant Director of Special Education, and Director of Special Education have prepared him for his new leadership role. Matt holds an MBA from the University of Northern Colorado in Educational Leadership and Special Education Administration. You can expect honesty, strong communication, and a child-centered approach when working with Matt. He is committed to improving the outcomes of every student with a disability in Jeffco Public Schools, and he loves his job!

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