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The CogAT  (Cognitive Abilities Test) is one of the most commonly used cognitive tests in Jeffco to help us understand our students' thinking styles and identify gifted potential. In October, every second-grade Jeffco student takes the CogAT. Jeffco also administers the CogAT for other grade levels, as well as for gathering data for GT Center placement. The CogAT  is comprised of verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal batteries which give us a comprehensive measure of cognitive abilities. The CogAT  score reflects a student's ability to discover relationships and demonstrate flexible thinking at this stage of cognitive development.

The CogAT reports two scores: Percentile Rank and Stanine. Percentile Ranks range from 1 to 99 and indicate what percentage of grade-classmates or age-classmates a child out-performed on a particular sub-test. If a student scored in the 40th percentile, they scored better than 40% of grade-level and/or age-level students nationwide. Stanine scores are groupings of percentile ranks, ranging from a low of 1 to a high of 9. A higher stanine means a higher level of cognitive abilities development. The table below shows the relationship of the two scores:

CogAT  takes the stanine and percentile scores and combines them into an individualized student profile, which allows us to see clear differences in how each student approaches learning and problem solving, interacts with various learning environments, and what kind of support they need to learn successfully. After students take the assessment, a report is sent home containing the test results, which includes individual student scores, stanine and profile. On the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt CogAT Profile site, you can access the interactive feature which allows you to enter your child’s profile and receive detailed information about their profile. In order to better understand the CogAT  profile for your student, please visit this website:  Riverside Insights

GT Identification Process after CogAT

CogAT Translated Handouts


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