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What is Music Education?

Music Education is an integral part of Jeffco's core curriculum and provides students with unique experiences and skills essential for success in the 21st century workforce. Students are provided instruction in all aspects of music: singing, playing, moving, reading, listening, analyzing, creating, and performing.

"Arts Education programs should be grounded in rigorous instruction, provide meaningful assessment of academic progress and performance, and take their place within a structure of direct accountability to school officials, parents, and the community.  In-school programs that are fully integrated into state and local curricula afford the best potential for achieving these ends." (National Association for Music Education).

Why Music Education?

"The arts have a unique ability to communicate the ideas and emotions of the human spirit.  Connecting us to our history, our traditions, and our heritage, the arts have a beauty and power unique in our culture.  At the same time, a growing body of research indicates that education in the arts provides significant cognitive benefits and bolsters academic achievement, beginning at an early age and continuing through school." (National Association for Music Education).

For more information about how individual schools across Jeffco provide Music Education opportunities, please visit the Jeffco School Finder.


Amy Woodley
Music Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]
Amy Woodley
Amy Flynn
Assistant Director - Electives
[email protected]
Amy Flynn
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