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Property Disposition

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In alignment with Jeffco Public Schools’ Regional Opportunities for Thriving Schools initiative, the district will close 16 elementary schools at the conclusion of the 2022-23 school year. An additional three schools are already vacant or soon will be. Jeffco must determine whether to retain each property for its own future use and, if not, what to do with the property (see District Policy DN).

District leaders are committed to ensuring that each property’s future is carefully considered by a diverse group of stakeholders, a thorough decision-making process is conducted for each, and that processes resulting in recommendations are transparent. View the School Properties Disposition Board Presentation to learn more.

Interested in learning more about purchasing or long-term leasing one or more surplus property? Fill out the prospective buyer form.

Are you a community member wanting to stay informed about Community Meetings and other opportunities to be engaged in the sale or lease of one or more surplus property? Fill out the community update form. 

Jeffco’s Property Disposition Process

For each of Jeffco’s unused properties, the following 4-step process will be followed to determine its future use.

During this process, Jeffco will fully monitor and maintain the building.

Step 1: Hold or Sell?

District leaders will review each unused property, including location, condition, demographic projections of the area, and future needs. If the leadership team determines the property is no longer needed, they will recommend to the Board of Education that it be considered “surplus” (per Jeffco Policy DN). The Board of Education must vote to classify a facility as “surplus” in order to move forward with the process of selling or leasing it to an outside entity.

STEP 2: Gather Proposals

Once a property has been deemed “surplus” by the Board of Education, Jeffco staff will advertise and host a public meeting to share detailed information about the property and put out an invitation for an “intent to propose” proposal for future usage. Any person, organization, group, or business may submit a proposal during the proposal window.

STEP 3: Review & Recommend

Once proposals have been submitted, Jeffco will begin a thorough review process involving community members, the Property Disposition Advisory Committee, and Jeffco staff. The Advisory Committee’s assessment of proposals will be shared with Jeffco’s leadership team that will - in turn - inform the Board and enter into contract negotiations with one or more “proposers” based on their review.  

STEP 4: Approval & Transfer of Property

Jeffco staff will work with the interested party or parties on negotiating the terms of a sale or lease. Once terms are finalized, the Board of Education will receive information about the negotiated contract(s), including a staff recommendation, in order to make a final decision.
Jeffco will continue to maintain all properties it owns until the transfer of that ownership is complete. 

View Where Each Property Is in the Decision-making Process
View the Surplus Process Flow Chart

Available Properties

Current Available Properties

  • Allendale Elementary 5900 Oak Street, Arvada, CO
  • Zerger Elementary, 9050 Field Street, Westminster, CO

Property Owned by the City of Westminster


View Where Each Property Is in the Decision-making Process

Potential Buyers

An “Intent-to-Propose” submission form will be made available on this site in the upcoming weeks for organizations or individuals interested in purchasing surplus properties.

Fill out this form to add your email address to our potential buyer distribution list. Once added, you will receive email updates about surplus properties when information becomes available.

Opportunities to Engage and Important Dates

Opportunities to Engage

Jeffco is seeking input from community members about the future use of surplus properties. The following opportunities exist to vocalize opinions and participate in the process:

View information regarding specific surplus properties:

These slides were shared during the community meetings in late May and early June.

Important Dates

*Dates and activities are subject to change

Jeffco will host one or more community meetings for each property where neighbors and community members can learn about the disposition process and timeline, ask questions and provide feedback.

Past Events

  • Zerger Elementary Property Disposition Community Meeting: Wednesday, May 31 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
    • Location: Standley Lake Public Library, 8485 Kipling St, Arvada, CO 80005
    Allendale Elementary Property Disposition Community Meeting: Tuesday, June 6 from 6:30-7:30 p.m
    • Location: Arvada Community Room, 7601 Grandview Ave, Arvada, CO 80002

Frequently Asked Questions

Which properties will Jeffco offer to the public for sale or lease, and which ones will they keep?

With only a few exceptions, it is not yet known which properties will be retained for future use and which ones will be made available for lease or sale. When/if Jeffco’s leadership team determines that a building is no longer needed for use by the district, the Board of Education will be asked to deem the property as “surplus”, thus allowing for the commencement of the sale/lease process. Allendale and Zerger were presented to and approved by the Board in March 2023, and additional yet-to-be-named properties are tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Board in August 2023, January 2024, and subsequent dates thereafter, if needed.

When will I know which properties are available to buy or lease?

Jeffco’s leadership team is in the process of assessing current and future needs for its students and will make these determinations on a property-by-property basis over the next 12-24 months. Properties identified as candidates for surplus designation are tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Board of Education in March and August 2023, January 2024, and subsequent dates thereafter, if needed. 

Who will determine which properties will be deemed “surplus”?

Per District Policy DN, only the Jeffco Board of Education may deem a property as “surplus”. The Jeffco leadership team will take their surplus recommendations to the Board, who will then vote to approve or deny the recommendation(s).

How will the decision be made to keep or get rid of a property?

Jeffco’s leadership team is conducting a comprehensive self-assessment of anticipated needs for both current and future students. Enrollment trends, birth rates, neighborhood demographics, housing forecasts, and evolving student needs are examples of considerations in the decision-making process.

Which properties are vacant or unused currently in Jeffco?

View a list of properties that are currently vacant or will become vacant soon.

What measures will Jeffco take to ensure vacant buildings are well maintained?

Jeffco is committed to ensuring safety and maintaining adequate aesthetics on all properties, whether occupied or not. As such, all vacant buildings will have robust security systems in place, inclusive of monitored cameras, and will be regularly patrolled by Jeffco Security and local law enforcement. Exterior building and grounds maintenance will be commensurate with occupied buildings.

When and how can I submit a proposal to buy or lease one of Jeffco’s surplus properties?

Once a building or parcel of land has been deemed “surplus” by the Board of Education, the disposition process will begin. Detailed property information and tours will be made available to the public via a “Pre-Proposal Meeting”, and an open invitation for Intent-to-Propose submissions will be made available on our website. Once open, intent-to-Propose applications may be submitted by any person or organization and will not be contractually binding. 

How and when will the decision be made as to how the building will be used?

After the submission deadline, all usage proposals for the property will be reviewed by the Jeffco leadership team as well as the Property Disposition Advisory Committee. Jeffco will proactively reach out to the property’s surrounding community regarding community input opportunities. The Advisory Committee (including geographic-specific ad-hoc members) will score proposals against a rubric that, once developed, will be available publicly. Once proposals have been reviewed, contracting discussions will begin. 

What is the Property Disposition Advisory Committee and what do they do?

Although this committee has not yet been fully formed, the core Advisory Committee will be made up predominantly of community members and will work to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Develop a proposal assessment framework
  • Work with district staff to recruit and select site-specific ad-hoc committee members (2-4 per site)

The core Advisory Committee members will be joined by site-specific ad-hoc committee members to accomplish the following:

  • Review proposals received
  • Using the established assessment framework, evaluate each proposal
  • Recommend proposal(s) to Jeffco’s leadership team

Who is on the Property Disposition Advisory Committee?

The core members of the committee will participate in every site’s recommendation-making process and will be comprised of the following:

  • Two representatives from the District Accountability Committee (DAC):
    • Parker Brown
    • Carrie Mumma
  • Two representatives from the Capital Asset Advisory Committee (CAAC):
    • Megan Castle
    • Daniel Oakley
  • Two representatives from the Financial Oversight Committee (FOC):
    • Amy Alvarez
    • Melissa Jamieson
  • Two representatives from Jeffco staff:
    • Lisa Relou, Chief of Strategy and Communications
    • David Suppes, Interim Chief Operating Officer
  • One special advisor:
    • Jansen Tidmore, Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation

An additional 2-4 members from the nearby community will be added to the committee and will participate in the recommendation-making process for their local site. These ad-hoc committee members will be selected via an application process.

How do I apply to participate as a member of the Advisory Committee?

Because the voices of nearby community members are of critical importance when contemplating the future use of Jeffco’s properties, we are seeking people who live and/or work near surplus sites to serve as ad-hoc members of the Advisory Committee.

  • Complete the Allendale interest form if you are interested in representing the Allendale community on the Advisory Committee
  • Complete the Zerger interest form if you are interested in representing the Zerger community on the Advisory Committee

How can I participate in the property disposition process and/or share my opinions?

Jeffco is seeking input from community members about the future use of surplus properties. The following opportunities exist to vocalize opinions and participate in the process:

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